Example of a shallow well.
Dreamlover foam bath / cradle with insulating foam base to lower heat loss and denser wear and tear sides.
This is our standard on all our new beds.

Above is the Dreamlover foam bath without power saving the insulating foam base. This is our budget range of soft foam bath which is a deep well. Although we prefer to sell the denser sided version, this one has lasted well since it was installed in 2000

Inside depth of a foam bath has a lot of bearing on mattress performance as there is a greater volume and in particular, depth of water involved

Most foam baths have a outer depth / height measurement of 200mm or 8”. Without a foam base the inside depth is 200mm.

With a foam base this depth inside is reduced, generally to 175mm or 7.5”

The performance descriptions on these soft sider pages are for shallow wells

The greater depth of the deep wells would not reflect the described performances below in these pages

More baffles are required to compensate for the increase in depth in the deep welled baths.

If your foam bath is a deep well,
you will need to order replacement wave reducing mattresses from the next category level up.

deep well covered in calico

Calico covered foam bath without insulating foam base. Example of a deep well

deep well

Older style Styrofoam—foam combination without lower insulating foam base Example of a deep well